Satchmo & Astaire


You know you love this song from Top Hat. The first time I saw that film, especially the Cheek to Cheek sequence, man…it was a revelation. But I digress…

In today’s Slate, Stanley Crouch tries to explain the “…unique talent that links Fred Astaire and Louis Armstrong.” Say what?!! It’s worth a read.

By the way, I’ve long wanted to do a meaningful post about Louis Armstrong. This is not that post. Suffice it to say that Satchmo was the first musician who I ever admired. But there is this one thing I do want to share this evening with my handful of readers.

Bizarre as this may seem, Louis Armstrong is responsible for me realizing that I had an imagination. I first became conscience as a child of the power to visualize when I conjured up an image of the great trumpet player and his music. I was sitting around thinking, “Hey! I can make up that music that I like…in my head! And damn, I can seehim too!” I must have looked foolish standing up in my crib, with my eyes closed, swaying and singing a baby-talk version of I’ve Got the World on a String.

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