Some food-related blogging for Liz, Nueva & LDC.

Check out Catherine’s Weekends With Adolfo at Zunta.

as you might imagine, adolfo did not live for his job as a school printer. instead, his reason for being, as many middle-aged italian men’s, was wine. adolfo had a network of wine contacts in the piemonte region that seemed almost mafioso in its breadth and ability to procure the latest riserva.

“pssst,” adolfo whispered at me one day while i was lining up my class to take them back from their library time. “i can get you and your boyfriend good deal on new barolo, on a case. you want it?” as caroline prowled by, he scurried away, hissing, “come by later, i tell you more.”

adolfo took a shine to me and tommy, as he did to most of the younger american teachers from the school, and so we became privy to some of the best weekend journeys of our time in italy: adolfo’s weekend wine trips (TM). (more…)

And then there’s the Google food blog by Bret L.


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